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Hello all.

This is just a very brief note to say that a huge “Thank You!” to all who voted for my pub shed in the 2014 competition as a tribute to my brother, Colin, who passed away far too soon on 15th March 2014. Some of you will know that Channel 4 created a tv programe called “Amazing Spaces, Shed of the Year” and I was lucky enough to be selected for my pub to be filmed by them in Series 1, Episode 3 (Part 3)

The final part of the 3-part series was shown on Thursday 7th August 2014 and that was where my Winning Status was announced! I wasn’t the overall winner of the “Shed of the Year” but I was really chuffed to win the Pub Category! I won a plaque..

I will post some photos and there are lots and lots of references on the internet. I even got an interview on BBC Radio Merseyside!

The programme has attracted a lot of publicity and so I will attach the links to quite a few stories logged on line over the past few weeks as at the end of July 2014.

Shed of the Year references.

1. Daily Mail –

  1. Telegraph –
  2. St Helens Reporter 23/7/14 – 23/7/14 –
  3. Bolton News –
  4. Liverpool Echo –
  5. Daily Mirror –
  6. Daily Express –
  7. The Lad Bible –
  8. Sunday Express –
  9. Guardian 1-
  10. Guardian 2 –
  11. Daily Star –
  12. The Independent –
  13. BBC Radio Merseyside –

Radio interview – broadcast Weds 23rd July 2014

** Also now in Draft magazine in the USA –

Maybe have a quick look at the photos on YouTube if you haven’t yet seen any;

If you can’t see the video, click the link below to view it on YouTube
See the video here

Many thanks.


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