The Appleton Arms – a pub in a Shed!

Welcome to The Appleton Arms. It’s based on the concept of re-kindling the experience of growing up in different pubs during the 1970s and early 1980s and in the style of the famous “Greenall Whitley” brewery which was all started in St Helens back in the late 1700s, moved its brewing and distilling empire to Warrington and rolled over and died as a company towards the end of the 20th century in the late 1990s.

It also gave me the chance to store the growing single malt whisky collection!

If you never met Bernard Appleton, then you missed out on the most genial pub landlord that there ever was and a comic genius to boot. You know the type, a “real” old fashioned publican who loved his work, his family and the people who kept a  roof over his head – his customers! He’s gone, now, but not forgotten and this is my tribute to a fantastic Dad, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Grandad and friend to so many people. He would have loved The Appleton Arms and I love it too.

Sadly, in early 2014, my brother Colin Appleton also passed away. He was the man behind the creation of my pub in a shed and, quite simply, I couldn’t have completed it without him. He drew the design of the back bar and ended up building most of that creation. I hung onto his coat tails and completed the base shelving and other bits and bobs and we had some great laughs along the way! I miss you more than words can say, Col, but at least we have something magical to remember you by and I’ll treasure it as long as the woodwork holds out!

Have a browse at the photos and enjoy. If you’re family or a friend or a work colleague, then perhaps you have already visited The Appleton Arms?  If you have, then maybe you have checked in on Facebook! If you haven’t visited yet, then there’s a warm welcome awaiting you except for that Welsh, shandy drinking Southerner who calls himself a Cousin! Only joking, obviously. 

There is also now a YouTube video so search for The Appleton Arms or see the link, below.

All the best.